About e-Medix


Over a period of more than 10 years, e-Medix has an accrued wealth of knowledge in the manufacture of ophthalmic blades. By employing the latest computerised technology from design, through manufacture and into inspection, our processes have inherent flexibility. RAPRA approved, our bespoke computer driven ‘performance’ test enables absolute control of both quality and consistency.

Having spent many hours witnessing various surgical procedures first hand, we recognise the individuality of surgical techniques. Consequently, coupled with our flexible design and manufacturing systems, we welcome direct involvement with new or alternative product design and specification.

In this budget driven age of ‘just in time’, we also recognise that the carrying of stocks by customers is an expensive commodity. That is why as the manufacturer we produce and hold stocks of the entire published range of products, enabling our customers to benefit from greater costs control.

surgical knives, slit, stab, crescent, implant, angled, bevelled, straight